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Following the crowd, but slowly

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There has been a lot of heated discussion on the potential (or not) of using crowdsourcing to support humanitarian response. See here and  here and here for some of the polemic.

The UN Global pulse has also recently put out a thoughtful piece proposing a potential role of crowdsourcing in the UN’s work.

I’m glad this discussion is heating up and is starting to be taken seriously (and be examined critically) in development work as I think the potential is huge, as of course can be the hype and the backlash.

I’m mostly sad that it has taken this long for us to start looking at this seriously. Here’s something I wrote on this topic to try to stimulate discussion back in 2006!

What are “prediction markets” and how might they be useful in development work? (pdf)

It mostly relates to a sub-area of crowdsourcing known as prediction markets. Something I still think has potential, but has yet to be meaningfully explored. Any thoughts?


Written by Ian Thorpe

November 18, 2010 at 9:02 pm

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  1. […] ago in his book “The Wisdom of Crowds” – I summarized some of the main points here a couple of years ago and what I saw then as some of the possibilities for aid and […]

  2. […] this is a very roundabout way for me to come to the under-exploited potential of “prediction markets” for development. What if you could run a book on the potential outcome of a project […]

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