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I wanted to put in a final blog post before I take a break from work for the holidays. But since I’m too busy/lazy to put in the effort to write something myself, I’m going to share a few things which interested me over the past week in the world of social media. It was quite a busy week!

First the bad news – A leaked slide from a Yahoo staff meeting showed that they are planning to discontinue delicious the social bookmarking site as part of their current round of layoffs.  This is sad news since a lot of bookmarks have been shared using this tool, and it is a great resource that will disappear. It’s also sad for nostalgic reasons since for many people  this was one of their first introductions to the social web. There’s a nice Eulogy here.

UPDATE: It seems Yahoo aren’t closing down delicious just yet. Looks like they are hoping that some public-service minded business will offer to buy it from them.

On the more uplifting side – McKinsey just released a very interesting research report “The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday” which highlights how companies adopting social technologies are gaining competitive advantage. Let’s hope aid organizations are the next ones to benefit.

Pew released their “Generations 2010” report on how different age groups in America use the internet. It is showing increasing usage of social media by all generations, and still the ubiquity of e-mail. It also shows how blogging is on the decline, although reading blogs isn’t. As always I’m late and against the trend by only just setting up my blog now! This infographic gives a nice summary of how different age groups spend time online. I’d be really interested to see whether similar or different patterns emerge in other countries – and particularly how people are using the internet in the developing world.

Common Craft (creators those great videos explaining in simple terms what twitter, facebook and other social media tools are and how they work) have come out with a video that explains social media in the workplace. It’s so easy that the bosses will get it, that is if we can get them to watch it in the first place.

Socialcast put out these great tips on how to use microblogging to ask questions based on their analysis of how people use their tool. Although the tips are designed for their own office microblogging tool they also look helpful for Twitter, Yammer and other microblogging tools.

Saundra of Good Intents gives some great practical advice to bloggers on how to make their blogs more readable, with some additional tips in the comments. I already made some changes to this blog as a result.

According to Google’s David Girouard  2011 will be the year where everything goes 100% Web. Read-Write-Cloud’s Alex Williams thinks this might not be such a good thing, given recent events such as the demise of delicious, and Amazon and Youtube arbitrarily denying service to their customers.

And finally Ben Ramalingam thinks Dilbert is having a potshot at the Millennium Development Goals. I think the target is a broader one – that of Results Based Management. Either way it’s pretty funny as well as uncomfortably familiar.

That’s it for now. There are lots of other good articles that I missed here – but I think you have got yourself some good weekend reading. Catch up with you in a week or so.


Written by Ian Thorpe

December 17, 2010 at 1:59 pm

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