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More work I do: Innovations and lessons learned on programming for equity

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Just back from vacation, so apologies for slow blogging. In the meantime I’m sharing some work my team recently did (together with many colleagues from our country offices and technical sections). It’s an example of our work of documenting innovations and lessons learned from UNICEF programmes which can help inform and inspire (but not taken as a blueprint for!) programmes in other countries and other organizations.

In this case we pulled together a few examples of good programmes addressing equity and reaching the most marginalized. This is a strong focus of UNICEF’s current work, but part of the challenge is finding good approaches to doing it which can work in practice (as well as in theory). This is a first sharing of a few relevant examples – but we hope to document many more during the rest of this year and afterwards.

Here’s the announcement:

We are pleased to announce an external publication of ‘Equity and reaching the most marginalized: selected innovations and lessons learned from UNICEF programmes.’ This publication features nine recent innovations and lessons learned which are illustrative examples of some of our work on equity.

The cases highlighted in this publication are highly diverse examples – from women’s participation to deliver messages on immunization in Afghanistan to Brazil’s effort to achieve universal birth registration, lessons learned from community engagement in a rural neglected area in Uganda, and the experience from a child-friendly programme implemented in one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. We hope these cases are inspiring to further strengthen and intensify the equity focus in your work.

The publication is now available on UNICEF internet and will widely be shared with external partners. Feel free to share it with interested colleagues inside and outside UNICEF.

If you have comments on this publication or any questions regarding innovations, lessons learned and good practices, please email us at:


Written by Ian Thorpe

February 28, 2011 at 9:30 am

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