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It’s not just your M and E its MyMandE too

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A brief pause for a commercial break while I’m working on my next blog post……

I wanted to bring your attention to some great work being done by my colleagues in our Evaluation Office to foster knowledge sharing around the latest approaches to Evaluation.

UNICEF together with DevInfo and IOCE founded a website MyMandE which is a  kind of social network and common repository for information on evaluation practice. This is run by the founders and a consortium of other parters who have joined since its launch.

The site features a social network of evaluators (which is actually a LinkedIn Group), a wiki on evaluation practice, a virtual library and a set of training materials. It is an “open content” initiative and so is open to participation and contributions by all.

One particular innovation (which are shamelessly copying in the KM team) is the organization of regular webinars on development s in evaluation practice which are open for participation by all, and for which the recordings are shared publicly afterwards.

Here’s a link to the list of past and upcoming webinars and details on how to participate. The webinar from earlier this week  was on evaluation of innovation in development with Steve Rochlin of AccountAbility. I’d highly recommend watching the recording. It also dominated my tweetstream on Tuesday – see an extract below:

> Recording of yesterday’s webinar on evaluating innovations in development with steve Rochlin (java viewer)
> UNICEF, Rockefeller etc . Great webinars on Emerging Practices in Development Evaluation catch up on the recordings
> For better chance of success need to reach out to beneficiaries at the outset of an innovation process.
> To evaluate innovation – need to evaluate and learn from individual innovations as well as evaluating the whole portfolio and process.
> For innovation to be successful it has to be at scale – it has to be diffused
> Need to celebrate diagnose and learn from failure, not punish it, in order to innovate
> Innovation is a contact sport. Need to go out and meet people and share ideas, even if you risk losing some of your intellectual property
> If you want to evaluate innovation, also need to evaluate organizations for how well they support innovation in reality not just in rhetoric
> Keys for innovation: top leadership, org. processes, customer focus, diffusion, collaboration and embracing failure
> Like in any discussion on evaluation – we first have to agree what we mean by innovation b4 we evaluate. Not an easy thing to agree on.
> Innovation for development is often thought of as new products/tech, but can also be process, markets or organizational innovations
I hope that whets your appetite! Check them out – the next webinar on 5 April will be on evaluating sustainable development.

Written by Ian Thorpe

March 11, 2011 at 10:15 am

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  1. brilliant, thanks!


    March 13, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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