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Who reads development blogs and why?

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I’m just back from vacation and also preparing for an imminent job move (will share more information soon) so to ease back into blogging here’s a little request….

Those of us who are writing aid/development related blogs would like to know who is reading them, what you read, how you read it and why.

Smartaid pal Dave Algoso (and author of the excellent development blog Find What Works) has put together a nice, short questionnaire. Please take a few minutes (it takes less than 5) to complete it so us bloggers can learn more about our audiences, and then with any luck, make them better. And what’s more the results will be shared so that both bloggers and blog readers can benefit from Dave’s analysis – which will be a useful contribution to the blogging knowledge pool.

Here’s a link to the questionnaire.

Please take a mo to fill in the questionnaire, and if you have a blog please also post a link. Thanks!


Written by Ian Thorpe

September 7, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Posted in smartaid

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