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Innovations and Lessons Learned on Social Policy work – Volume 2

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Here’s a quick blog post to push one of the last things my team was working on before I left UNICEF, which was just released last week (congratulations to the team!).

They’ve just released a second “compendium” of innovations and lessons learned  featuring 18 of the more interesting case studies reported by UNICEF country offices on their experiences in social and economic policy work. See the compendium together with other recent publications on innovations and lessons learned on UNICEF’s website here.

These innovations and lessons learned are particularly interesting since they show how investing comparatively small amounts of money in analytic policy work combined with strategic, targetted advocacy can yield large benefits for children, especially the most marginalized.

They feature what is known as “upstream work” where the aim is to provide strategic technical inputs together with careful advocacy with government, parliamentarians, media  and other groups to help influence government and sometimes donor policy and spending. Here, small inputs can have large impacts, influencing the actions of those who have the most resources and ability to improve th elives of children, but who did not have the knowledge, capacity or priority to doso.

Note: as regular readers of this blog will know, I’m not a fan of best practices. Rather we prefer to document and share real-life practices and experiences that can be used to help inform or inspire other programmes. This publication is an example of some of the experiences the team have documented. And its worth noting that while the team researches, edits, questions, reviews etc. from headquarters all these experiences are initially proposed and written up by country offices based on their reflections and experience, so congratulations and thanks to them for taking the effort to share their work.


Written by Ian Thorpe

October 10, 2011 at 9:48 am

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